The full-service support kit is a fully personalised business solution for those looking to make changes and invest in solutions for the long term. It will include 3 private consultations with our specialist team and you will have access to a personalised venue floor plan, with the best product solutions, ready to reopen your doors safely. We will advise on simple cost-effective solutions to make Covid 19 less of a burden. Our product procurement professionals seek out the best new technology and innovations daily. And to support this you’ll receive a specifically curated mood board of materials to support your preferred procured product. We want to enable you to future proof your venue and invest in long term solutions to build customer confidence. We know you have lots of other things to think about, so let us hold your sanitised hand on this one.




What’s in it for me?

+ 3 Consultations with a Design Expert

+ Safety Guide Book

+ Social Distancing Spacial Layout Plans, specific to your venue

+ Product Ranges, specific to your venue

+ Product Coupons

+ Freebie Samples

+ Material Samples, specific to your product procurement

Any Questions


    One monthly subscription for £59.99 you will get monthly guidance and advice from leading experts in the hospitality industry delivered to your door. Keeping abreast of the current daily changes is often a task in itself. So we have condensed the information and made it available as a package to promote best practice. Include we are offering monthly stylish solutions and a constant source of the latest trends and suppliers to boost your business with this new mindset of social evolution.

    ONE TIME OFFER: Subscribe to 3 month’s and get 1st month FREE