Why we're Helping Hospitality Heal

Not only are you, Hospitality, the lifeblood of our business but you are so integral to our country’s economy and to the hearts and minds of the nation. Passionate owners and operators create special experiences and welcoming environments for their customers. Some people have spent their most special moments at your tables, met the love of their life propped up at your bar, and met with friends in times of sorrow just for a good cup of tea, a chat, and a slice of cake.


Long may these moments continue. But the safety measures we are seeing hardly encourage such things do they? Clinical and cold they take away the ambiance you have worked so hard to champion. What we are saying is of course safety first but how about with a sprinkling of style? Stand out from your competitors while showing customers how much you care. We are here to show you how by providing three packages for you to choose from, providing you with what you need to do for when your doors open. Are you ready? Scroll down to pick yours.


  • 111 - Our essentials box

    Includes an extensive guide on how to get your space plan ready for social distancing regulations. Get access to one of our hospitality interior experts for an hours consultation to discuss your venue.

  • 999 - Invest in your future

    This box is ideal for owners and operators looking to make changes and invest in solutions for the long term. It will include 3 consultations with our specialist team and you will have access to a personalised venue floor plan ready to reopen your doors safely.

    We will guide you on ways to save money while making a big impact on style and give you access to exclusive trade discounts with our suppliers. Not only will we give you the ideas and point you in the right direction of product procurement, we will also give you a scope of works plan so carrying out the changes are made as simple as possible. This package promotes complete peace of mind and gives you one less thing to think about.

  • Back to Business Subscription

    Due to popular demand, we are also going to be offering a monthly box to run alongside the above. For just £59.99 you will get monthly guidance and advice from leading experts in the hospitality industry delivered to your door. Keeping abreast of the current daily changes is often a task in itself. So we have condensed the information and made it available as a package to promote best practice. Include we are offering monthly stylish solutions and a constant source of the latest trends and suppliers to boost your business with this new mindset of social evolution.

    ONE TIME OFFER: Subscribe to 3 month’s and get 1st month FREE

Calling All Creatives

We can’t do this alone and Creatives we need you. We are looking to expand our little black book of design contacts suitable for the Hospitality Industry. This could be anyone from upholstery, graphic designer, CAD technician, product supplier… If it works for Hospitality it works for us. Join our army in Helping Hospitality Heal.

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